Thursday, September 18, 2008

You say Jim-Jams and I say pajama-whamas

I have a thing with pajamas. I like to have lots of them. And I like for my kids to have lots of them. Tyler thinks the overflowing shelf of pajamas in my closet is excessive (then again, he thinks the fact that absolutely everything in my closet is overflowing is excessive. The man may have a point.) Of course, this is coming from a man that owns not one single proper pair of pajamas. Old gym shorts and an over-sized gift T-shirt from the blood bank just don't qualify as true pajamas in my book.

Now to a seemingly unrelated story. The kids and I have been discussing Halloween costumes with a greater intensity this week. If it turns out I'm going to be responsible for making something I want to know now - or, more realistically speaking, if I'm going to have time to ask my mom to make something and send it to us I need to know now. We've decided on a Peter Pan theme. CT is Pan, naturally, and both girls are going as Tinkerbell. I considered having Amelia dress in one of those infant animal costumes that look adorable (but sweltering) and having her be a lost boy, but I couldn't feel right about my baby girl's first ever Halloween costume being a "lost boy".

So then the kids ask me what I'm going to be and I say "That's easy. Who do you think Mom could be from Peter Pan?" and they both shout "Wendy!". Then CT says (and here is where the two stories all come together) "But you have to dress up. You need to wear a blue nightgown. But that's no problem. You have enough of those on that shelf in your closet." Yes I do. Not any that I will be wearing to the ward Halloween Party, however. Maybe some sewing will be necessary for my costume as well as the kids...