Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Post-Halloween Post

Here we are again, eh?  Back for another little chat.  So, what's new?  Hmm...

Halloween is over.  I'd put up some pictures but I never get around to that.  Just picture in your mind's eye two girls dressed as angels with fluffy white halos, long white dresses, and fancy angel wings (thanks for the costumes Grandma!), one big kid decked out as an alligator wrestler (picture a Steve Irwin type guy) and a baby wearing an alligator costume to complete the vignette.  We had a good time at our ward's Trunk-or-Treat.  Tyler and I even dressed up for that one.  I was Mary Poppins and he was Bert (the sidewalk art Bert, in the Barbershop Quartet looking get-up, not the chimney sweep Bert).  Everyone knew who I was, and if they saw us together they knew who Tyler was.  If they saw him alone no one knew who he was supposed to be, so he had to stay close to me all evening...which was kind of strange because I'm not used to being around him much...

Between his work schedule, his MBA class, and his church calling I just don't spend much time with him, and the children see him less than me.  It's not my favorite thing.  I'm always telling myself that lots of wives have husbands they don't see much...but that's not so comforting really.  Growing up with a dad who is a university professor and always available and home a lot spoiled me.  I didn't come into my marriage expecting to be basically a single parent for long stretches of time.  I know it's no fun for Tyler either but it's hard to feel like there is no flexibility in my life.  The possibility of doing any errand, any project, any ANYthing child-free is just not there.  It's kind of exasperating.   And I have kids that I really like and that are generally well behaved - I can only imagine the lengths I'd have to go to to survive if they were extra obnoxious and rambunctious.  I'm sure my life would have to include daily medication. 

Wesley is going through a difficult phase right now (surprise, surprise) which doesn't help.  He cries a tortured and delirious cry if I am not holding him or directly engaged with him in some way every waking moment.  If I try to do something he grabs my legs in his freakishly strong vice grip and won't let go.  I know all babies do this to some extent, but he is absolutely relentless with it.  He does it all day, everyday.  Every time I put him down.  It really wears me out.

On the plus side, we are having a week of amazing fall weather.  In the low 70's, and some of the leaves are turning colors.  The end of daylight savings time means an afternoon spent at the city park ends as the sun is setting in the beautiful Texas sky with a cool breeze rustling those orange-ish leaves...a perfect Texas fall day that makes me wish I cold put it in a bottle and live it again and again when my kids are all grown up.  Or at the very least be one of those moms that takes beautiful pictures with a real camera.  I told the kids I might make them dress up in their Halloween costumes again so I could take some pictures of them outside now that it actually looks a bit like Fall.  I was too frenzied getting the kids ready and out the door by myself on the real Halloween to take any pictures at all. 

But, things are looking up.  Thanksgiving is coming, which means a week off of school for the kids and two days off of work for Tyler.  Maybe we can all get reacquainted :).