Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hair Dilemmas

Our Ward had a Valentine's Day Dinner and Dance on Saturday night. We decided to actually go this year. Our friends appointed themselves the unofficial ward photographers and went around taking pictures of each couple. She sent out the Kodak slideshow yesterday. Let's just say that now my new plans for this Saturday include getting my hair cut into something resembling a style. I'm generally anti-bangs - having had bad experiences viewing photos of myself from the late eighties and early nineties sporting the look my dad refers to as B.U.B.s (Big Utah Bangs). Still, since my forehead in the photo from Saturday night appears to be roughly half the size of my head, I've decided something must be done. I found a lovely picture of Jennifer Garner looking radiant in nice side-swept bangs and long layers. We all know that any attempt by a salon to match a picture ends up with you looking in the mirror and down at the picture you brought saying to yourself over and over again "What picture was SHE looking at?". But desperate times call for desperate measures, as they say. I will post the results this weekend (if I actually go through with it. If you have any encouragement for me, please leave a comment).

Here is the picture that started it all:

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nothing from the sea, thanks.

As many of you know, I have a marine life phobia. Even my kids know this because there are whole groups of pages I refuse to read to them from their "Sharks and Whales" discovery book. My husband is certainly aware of the phobia. So imagine my surprise when I came to use the computer after him to find the browser open to Craig's List. It was a listing titled "Life Size Killer Whale Replica". Can you imagine if that showed up at our house? I mean, I had to walk into the other room at my nephew's preschool because they had a big paper-maiche blue whale hanging from the ceiling. I sincerely hope it is not on the short list for one of my birthday surprises.