Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Can You Tell Me How To Get To...

As a child I loved Sesame Street. I remember being very little and asking my mom what channel Sesame Street was on and then holding out that many fingers as I ran to the television so I wouldn't forget.

I had a favorite outfit that was Sesame Street brand. It was bright yellow pants and a rainbow striped turtle neck.

I love the muppets.

I love the set - the row houses and Hooper's store and the fix-it shop and how everything looked a bit gritty and dingy and actually like it may have been in New York City for real.

I love the dependable human characters that don't ever change...or so I thought.

My kids haven't really gotten on board the Sesame Street train, but I did try to expose them to it awhile ago and let me tell you, things are not the same on The Street. Sadly, the show is not what it once was. It still has some of the same muppet characters, but the skits they do just aren't as funny and clever as it seems they used to be. Kermit the Frog is, sadly, totally absent.

They do have some of the same human characters as they had in my childhood days, but they are shockingly changed. Namely, Bob. Take a look at this:

The peppy music teacher Bob of my youth:

The frail looking, age-spotted Bob of my old age:

Susan is gone altogether, as is Linda. Gordon, Luis, and Maria are still holding on, along with Bob.

Hooper's store is still there, although not run by Mr. Hooper, obviously. The fix-it shop became a mail-it shop, which was really lame. Big Bird's nest now looks like a play place at the mall. The tire swing isn't in the courtyard anymore.

The things I miss most are the wacky little segments they would do with the muppets. I loved "This is Kermit The Frog reporting live.." and "Monsterpiece Theater" and the song parodies, like "The Beetles" singing "Letter B". So much fun.

So I ask you, why mess with a good thing? I guess should be asking Wendy's the same thing about why they changed the frosty recipe after so many good years...