Friday, October 3, 2014

Not Just Another Bean Counter

This image is a photo I took of an actual business card that Tyler received from a fellow accountant.
I blotted out identifying information just because it seems like what people do. 

The thing that struck me about this particular business card is all of those letters.  What in the world?  CPA I'm pretty sure most people know.  CMA I know just because I'm married to an accountant but I bet a lot of people have no idea what that stands for.  As for the rest of that?  Complete jibberish and frankly, looks like she's just showing off, doesn't it?  I find it quite off-putting myself.  Very excessive.

I suppose some people might find that list comforting in some maybe a white collar criminal who is on trial for embezzlement and needs an account to be an expert witness on his behalf.  Maybe he'd feel reassured by all of those letters.  For the rest of us, an accountant with a business card that just says "I know how to file all types of taxes" is probably more impactful.