Friday, September 14, 2007


We went to a birthday party today for a little girl in our ward. She turned two. There were quite a few people there and her pile of presents was fairly impressive. She completely lost what little interest she began with in opening her presents after the first one. It kind of takes the excitement out of choosing a gift when you know it's just one of the neglected pile, you know? Not that I'm blaming the poor just leads me to agree with Tyler's idea of having a "no gift necessary" party for CT's next birthday. Granted, I don't know many people who would actually show up giftless to a party like that - no one wants to be the one who looks cheap, but really, kids are happy with so much less than they get at these things.

Being a mother of children who are just beginning to learn the boundaries of proper social behavior is sometimes a bit embarrassing. CT has an extraordinary fondness for birthday cake, which is what excites him most parties. Today there were cupcakes, and he kept asking the birthday girl's mother for "another muffin" (after already eating two) until he finally grasped the fact that they had all been consumed. Maybe next time I can train him to at least say "Can I have another muffin, please?"


Laura said...

You raised him right! I mean, who can live with only one cupcake? And it makes it sound more healthy that he called it a muffin! Smart boy!!

Oh...and can I just say that part of what makes reading your postings so fun is imagining you reading them? I can totally hear you saying all the words so precisely like you do. To this day, if I ever have to hear someone read something, I wish they could be more like you!

Amanda said...

Some friends visited us last night and left this morning. They have two young boys. We don't really have kid toys and I always get a little nervous about that when children come and visit. I told their parents that I had books and if they weren't readers they were out of luck.
I guess I have forgotten about children, because quickly the dog dish became a toy, to the dismay of the parents. They outside, they dog tie up leash became a toy and later a 'close to strangulation' tool. I didn't mind, but maybe my friends were wishing I had some little toy trucks. Maybe I should just go to the next kid birthday party I see at a park and ask for any duplicate or unwanted gifts. Start stocking the house now for future visitors.
Wanna come and visit? I'd go out and get special toys for CT and Lily!

Mendy said...

Wendy Sue,

How thrilled I am to find you this way! I still have the photo of us with Big Ben in the frame you gave me. I think of you with nothing but fondness, my deal friend and savior of my sanity in Brasov! Your kids look so cute! I love their names, too. Can't wait to hear more from you.