Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Big Kid

I can't think of anything interesting about myself, so I have to resort to that time honored tradition of talking about my children instead, in this case, CT. He is so verbal now and cracks me up everyday. I've started jotting down little anecdotes throughout the day that I find amusing. Here is a sampling...

We started a new motivational technique to get CT to clean up his toys at night. We told him that any toy he leaves on the ground will get placed in a box and no longer be available for his use. Last night Tyler embellished by adding that this box would then be given away to poor children. CT cleaned up all his toys and then said "I'd like to pick one train to give to the poor children. This little one." Learning to clean and learning to be thoughtful - what a bonus!

The other day we were walking from Hobby Lobby to our car and as we went down a short flight of steps on the sidewalk CT said he'd like to sit down for a few minutes and rest. He sat down on a step and Lily plopped down right next to him. CT said "Look at us Mom! You need to take a picture!" I said I would love to take a picture, but unfortunately, I didn't have the camera with me. CT replied "Well, that's OK. You can take one with your hands." So, I proceeded to pantomime taking a picture of them and making the required "click" sound effect. Then CT said "Now take another one of me with my race car!" So I did it again while he held up his hot wheel right next to his little face. If only I did have a real camera with me!

Last week at dinner Tyler asked CT, "Do you think I can eat until the cows come home?" and CT answered "No! Cows can't live here. There's no room for a big cow in our home!"

A couple of weeks ago (before we started the poor children toy pick up motivator) Tyler and CT were working on cleaning up the toys. That was the plan anyway, but when I walked through it was only Tyler putting toys away and CT was just standing there. I said "CT, I thought you were helping Dad put the toys in baskets." He looked at me and said "Well, I changed my mind."

I could go on and on, but I won't. Just suffice it to say that, like every mother, I think that my child is charming and hilarious and extremely intelligent and I love being around him and seeing him learn so much.


Laura said...

Well, I love the kid stories - they crack me up too! I think the "I changed my mind" one is my favorite! Show's us who the boss of the family is!!

Rachel said...

I love all the stories! He is clearly a genius.

Liz said...

Children really say the funniest things. That's one thing I miss about not being in primary any more. Those little gems of wisdom are priceless.

Mendy said...

He sounds like such a cute, funny little guy, Wendy! I have to ask--does he hold his head at the perfect angle when getting his photo taken? I still try to mimic you on that and just can't seem to get it right!