Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas

Another Christmas come and is hard work to be in charge of Christmas! It makes me appreciate even more all the work my mom did to make Christmas special when I'm trying to do all of the same things myself. I did some Christmas baking and the requisite treat deliveries to people in the neighborhood. We didn't get around to the actual delivering until Christmas Eve day, in the late afternoon. Several families were already away celebrating and even now may be reveling with family and friends many miles away and not realize there is a bag of once delicious chocolate popcorn propped dejectedly on their threshold, waiting to be noticed and ushered inside.

We spent the holiday just at our home with our own little family. C.T. enjoyed opening his presents this year. Lily did also, up to a point. After awhile she refused to open any more presents so I told her we'd save them for her birthday in March. She was fine with this, but CT wasn't. He insisted on opening her presents for her (with her permission). The result however, is that we had several fights about what actually belonged to who and who had the real right to play with things first. Amelia slept through the present opening. When she finally woke up CT was only too happy to open her presents for her as well. She watched him with her big eyes as her dad fed her a bottle and was perfectly content.

The picture in this post was taken on Christmas Eve night. We bought those jammies last year on after Christmas closeout not knowing if we'd have a new baby, but thinking we'd better plan ahead anyway...good thing too! They looked so adorable in them, and they are the softest pajamas I have ever seen. It makes them all just that much more huggable.

As nice as Christmas can be, I'm thankful we get to anticipate it for a whole other year before we experience it again. I need the time to gear up for another round of baking and planning...just trying to think of something to give Tyler wears me out!

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Mendy said...

I love your kids' Christmas pajamas! I love that you bought the baby ones before you knew you'd have a baby. I did that myself when the nearest Babies 'R Us went out of business. My new baby clothes didn't have time to gather dust before I had a little baby to put in them.