Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

So, I seem to have lost my wedding band. Well, lost isn't exactly accurate, because that would imply that I don't know where it is. I do know where it is. However, it is completely inaccessible. Where is this place? Why, it is in my clothes closet. This area is inaccessible not because there is a huge mountain of discarded clothing items strewn about the floor (although until about eight hours ago that would have been true), but because the ring, through a series of unfortunate events, fell behind my very heavy dresser. What happened was this: I keep my rings on top of aforementioned dresser when I'm not wearing them. I know some people wear their rings 24/7 and never take them off. I am not one of those people. You will not catch me 20 years from now having to have my rings cut off of my finger because the flesh has grown over them and the circulation has deteriorated to the point of strangulation of the digit. So, the rings were on the dresser. For some reason that is still a mystery to me, I chose to actually iron some item of clothing one day. I put the iron back in its rarely removed from spot on the top shelf of my closet, but I guess the shock of finally being used was too much for the iron to handle and it tried to make a desperate leap to the ground. In the process of it's descent it knocked over the can of spray starch, which knocked over my empty temple clothes bag, which fell on top of the dresser creating a backlash that sent my rings flying and one of them, the wedding band, ended up in the dark and secluded crevice between the wall and my dresser. I still have my engagement ring, so that's something. Not like my poor friend Mendy who, in a tragedy involving bread dough that truly could bring tears to your eyes, had her much loved oval diamond engagement ring ground up in the garbage disposal by an unwitting friend and washed down the drain, never to be seen again. If you're reading this Mendy, post a comment about if you ever got a replacement...last I knew you magnanimously refused your friend's offer to pay you back for it and were doing without.

I do miss having the band though. I like the idea of the symbolism of wedding bands. the symbolism of engagement rings I don't enjoy as much...that whole idea of a man claiming you and "marking" you as his through a piece of jewelry while he walks around unmarked as an engaged man raises the hackles in the stridently feminist little portion of my heart, but I do like owning a real diamond. It makes me feel fancy. Although, technically I've owned a real diamond since I turned 16. It was a tradition in my family to get a birthstone ring for your 16th birthday. This worked out wonderfully for my sisters who got beautiful amethyst and aquamarine rings, respectively, but when it came to me my parents were a bit worried. I'm an April baby, so my birthstone is a diamond. They kept to their tradition and got me a ring with a real diamond in it, although to tell you the truth I'm not sure it scientifically meats the qualifications to be called a "stone". I think it might more rightly be called a "fleck" or perhaps a "chip", but stone is a bit ambitious a term for it. It is smaller than even one of the prongs in its setting, but I still love it that my parents gave it to me. So now I feel extra fancy, remembering that I actually own TWO diamond rings! (Plus a wedding band with tiny diamond inserts, if I can ever retrieve it...)


Mendy said...

I am so sorry about your "lost" ring, Wendy! That is truly tragic. At least you know that with a serious chunk of free time you will be able to empty your dresser and move it out of the way to find your ring, right?

As for myself, about two years ago I had my ring fixed. The goldsmith said it was actually turned inside out. Amazing. Anyway, it was all fixed for like two weeks until I hit it on the side of the treadmill (exercise isn't all it's cracked up to be) and knocked the stone out. Ugh! I haven't told Michael this, but now I can't find where I put the ring "for safe keeping," although I did find the stone on the floor. Someday...Michael has now lost his second (and personally engraved) wedding band. I just think we have terrible luck with wedding rings. Better bad luck with the rings than with the marriage, I suppose.

Rachel said...

I'm pro wedding band and anti engagement ring myself. Maybe I could have diamond earrings instead of a ring.

Amanda said...

I'm just so comforted to know that Wendy has piles of clothes in her room. I know that shouldn't be my immediate thought, but I never pictured Wendy's house that way. I feel a new bond, girl! I have been able to keep track of my rings, but many a thing has been lost behind dressers and in closets and who knows where else. Good luck!