Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Plea

I object to modern maternity wear. Let's be honest folks. There is only a very, very small percentage of the female population who looks close to normal as a pregnant person. There are those who carry babies very inconspicuously and wear their normal clothes the whole pregnancy, perhaps fastening their jeans with a ponytail elastic through the button hole rather than actually buttoning them as their only concession to gaining any bulk. For these people, maternity wear on the tight side is passable. For the rest of the common hoard, my plea is, please don't wear tight maternity clothes. I especially am appalled to see all of the women at church in skin tight lycra shirts with a huge belly. I have no desire to see the outline of your belly button. As church members, we're not supposed to wear skin tight clothes normally, so why oh why would this rule be suspended in case of pregnancy? Come on people, not even Heidi Klum can pull off the tight maternity look. It looks ridiculous.

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