Thursday, July 1, 2010

That's Entertainment?

I just read this book:

Mary Poppins by P.L. Travers. 

I've read quite a few children's classics as an adult, and many of them I have loved, like Peter Pan.  This one though, was not what I expected. 

I've seen the Disney movie many times, of course.  It kind of has special meaning to me because Tyler and I watched it the night we got engaged - he picked it because I told him once that some of my friends from home liked to compare me to Mary Poppins. He sweetly said that it was an excellent comparison because we were both "practically perfect in every way".  (DOn't ask him if he still thinks so). 

Now, no matter what you may think of the present incarnation of the Disney Corporation, I hope none of you will dispute the fact that Walt Disney was a genius and did quality work with great creativity.  The movie Mary Poppins is almost immeasurably better than this book, in my opinion.  I don't know who wrote the movie, but they deserve an Oscar.  They took the very basic essence of the character and made her a thousand times better. In the book Mary Poppins is frankly not very likable and not very kind.  I am just amazed that the Disney people were able to turn this book into the quality entertainment that is the Mary Poppins film.  It isn't very long - read it and see if you agree with me. 

While I'm in a critiquing frame of mind - let's talk about this Will Smith movie: Seven Pounds.

Tyler and I watched it last weekend not knowing a thing about it.  After watching it it was clear why we hadn't heard much about this movie.  I know some of you out there (Katie) are devoted to Will Smith, but I think this is one movie in his repertoire that is better ignored.  First of all, it barely looked like Will Smith in much of this movie.  Sometimes I wondered if they were using a double for whole scenes.  Strange.  Second, the story was so poorly told.  The whole idea had potential, but it just wasn't very interesting.  They tried to keep you in suspense, but really the lack of information about the back story just made it confusing rather than intriguing. 

I guess it just wasn't my week for entertainment - a disappointing movie and book.  But, thanks to Netflix and my local library I have a good chance of improving my luck.

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Laura said...

I agree about Seven Pounds. Mike and I watched it a few months ago, and at the end, we both just sat there wondering what we were supposed to think. I actually thought of you when we were watching it - during the whole jelly fish part - and wondered if that would freak you out!