Friday, January 7, 2011

Not So Jolly

Remember when I told you about the disaster that was visiting Santa at the Ho-Ho-Hoe- Down?  Well, I finally have the picture to show you.  It cracks me up. 

It might be too small to see well, but the icy stare Lily is pulling off is a real classic.  C.T.'s isn't far behind.  Now I know what to threaten them with if they misbehave around Christmas.  "If you do that again I will take you to visit Santa!".  That should stop them in their tracks. 


Lisa Price said...

Love it!!!

Laura said...

Remind me never to meet up with Lily in a dark alley!! Yikes!

Rowdy Family said...

ha ha. I love Santa pictures that show how the kids really feel.
I am so mean. I was bummed I didn't get Ezra to see Santa this year. This would have been his year to freak out and a get a good picture. Now, after seeing your older kids, I have a renewed hope that maybe I can catch it another year :)

Amanda said...

This is hilarious!!