Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Some Photos

Amelia must have taken this picture.  That is the exact look he gets on his face every time he sees her coming. 

  C.T. lounging in the baby bouncer - looking like a teenager trying to act cool.

Lily making salsa with Dad.  She loves to help with cooking - and eating.

Amelia doing her daily scripture reading.  She has a fascination with scriptures and carries them around with her frequently.  Apparently she liked this page as she has marked it by folding it over so nicely.

Horseless stagecoach ride, anyone?
Hanging out after church on a Sunday afternoon.

Have I mentioned that Wes is a colicky baby?  He cries.  And cries.  But isn't he cute anyway?

Never too early to try and teach him some moves from "Just Dance Kids" on the Wii, right?

Look at these smiling experts! Could those plastered-on smiles be any bigger?  I think these kids are all naturals at my picture pose.


Chris and Gina said...

Oh my gosh, I love these photos! thank you so much for posting them. Your babies are actually kids, which I knew in my head, but now there's proof! And they are cute kids. Seriously. Thanks for posting!

Katie said...

I feel completely the same as Gina. I forgot that your kids actually have to age and they're not the babies I think they are! Beautiful children, and you look fantastic! We need to have another get away. I need some Wendy time in my life.

Amanda said...

What great pictures!!! So cute! Wes is adorable even when crying. You are right!

Laura said...

I love all the pictures! CT DOES look like a teenager in that picture! I can't believe how big they all are - and yes, definitely naturals at picture posing!!