Friday, March 2, 2012

Motivation...can't Google it.

I know the internet can be the source of great motivation for many can give you ideas for craft projects, recipes, exercise routines, oh my!  The thing is, this does the opposite of motivate me.  It is a motivation stealer.  I look at all of those pictures of homemade fabric flower headbands and I think "Cute!  I could make one of those." and then I read the accompanying text which is always something like, "Yesterday I made 32 of these in assorted colors for my daughter and my 5 nieces and all the Activity Day girls at church!" and I just say to myself ""  No matter what you think you are good at, there is always someone on the internet doing it better than you, more often than you, or making way more money off of it than you.  It's a downer.

Also, what is it with photography these days?  Doesn't it seem like a very large segment of the population are now photographers?  There are a lot of very nice pictures being taken, but again, seeing all of these perfectly shot and perfectly edited photos of children and projects and families walking down a country lane in the fall or in front of a giant Ferris wheel with a two year old in a sports coat and the mom in 6 inch heels just makes me want to take the batteries out of my digital camera and put them in the Wii remote to turn on Netflix and watch all of the items showing under the recommendations for "Understated Bristish Movies with A Strong Female Lead".

I've seen the saying that "Comparison is the thief of joy".  Comparison is also the thief of motivation. And so I haven't made my girls fabric hair flowers since Lily's fourth birthday, and we haven't had a family picture taken since Amelia was 6 months old.  I have however watched all episodes of Downton Abbey, and North and South, reread Pride and Prejudice, and anxiously await the airing of Sherlock:Season 2 on PBS.   


Rowdy Family said...

totally feel ya.

Sara said...

That is exactly how I feel. And yes I love Downton Abbey, but I've got to try sherlock holmes series. Who needs those overacheivers anywho. They probably stay up two nights a week just to get it done. I prefer saneness.

dieMutti said...

Amen, sister. Just... amen.