Sunday, February 17, 2013

Name That Movie

Sometimes I find myself thinking of obscure quotes from movies I really, really enjoy.  Do you want to know which one popped into my head yesterday?  Here you go:

"Did you bring home all your underwear and personal things?"

If I was into this blogging thing I might make it a contest in the comments to see who could guess it correctly first,  but my sister Sally would have to be disqualified.  She and I watched the same five movies over and over again for about two years.  I'd tell you which five movies, but then you'd be able to figure out where all my random quotes come from, so I'll keep that information on the down-low for now.

Here's another really random one from a different movie that Sally would get in one second:

(singing) "Horses, horses, horses"

And from that movie again:

"Who can believe this?!"

As strange as it seems, those two lines crack Sally and I up every single time.  

I just love having people around that laugh in all the same parts of movies as I do.  I had a good friend I met in graduate school who I visited once after we'd both moved.  We spent an evening each eating our own pint of Ben and Jerry's and watching a movie that contained this line:

"This is just...sub-par."

The fact that we both found that amusing was just one more reason it was a great trip. 

If anyone knows what movies all of these quotes are from I will be seriously impressed!  


dieMutti said...

I'm just stalling so I don't have to finish a birthday cake :) I think one is from the Family Man(?) and I KNOW one is from Sleepless in Seattle. (Although I guess of course there might be another movie with the same line...) I quote that one. In song. Randomly. My brother always gets it.

Rachel Knecht said...

Definitely Sleepless in Seattle. And I keep thinking the frist is from the Parent Trap. When Sharon (Susan) goes home to Boston. Right? I have no clue for the last one. This is fun. Let's do it again.

Laura said...

The first one is definitely Parent Trap - the original one. And the 2nd one is definitely Sleepless in Seattle. Every time I go past a field with horses or see horses out and about for any reason...I say "horses, horses, horses" in that same voice from the movie. Can't help it!!