Monday, April 21, 2008

Lily's Big Day

So, my petite flower turned two in March. She loved being the center of attention, finally. She had a butterfly birthday party with a whole bunch of little friends from our church baby-sitting co-op. She had a great time until present opening, when all the children wanted to play with the toys she had just opened. That led to a lot of pushing and grabbing and crying by all involved.

It was a fun day. The highlight was the play kitchen she got from Grandma and Grandpa. She loves to cook away and then yell out "Dinner time! Dinner time guys!" I wonder where she learned to do that?


Laura said...

I know it's inevitable that kids grow up, it's just weird to see them do it! I love the cake, you did a great job!!

How's Texas?

themayerfamily said...

Wow, I can't believe she's two! I thought she should be only one. Time flies when you're in Texas. The cake was awesome! I am really impressed with moms who can pull off a birthday party. I need help in that department.

Lara said...

Hi Wendy....was just perusing blogs and came across yours (I had to find a picture of you on it to be sure it was you....)

Anyway, your kids are beautiful! You sound like you're doing well.

Lara (Preston) Neves

themayerfamily said...

Wendy, I just read your comment on my ranting blog. Oh, I'm so glad you understand me. I loved your comment about getting it in the next life. Serge was joking around that he would take Landon to the father's and son's outing with he and Hayden this Friday. I just laughed. I honestly don't think he would wake up if Landon cried to save his life. They really have no idea how much we take care of--not just the kids, but their life, so they can go do what they need to do. Are we letting them get away with too much? Pretty much I handle everything else but school work and job--and occasionally meals(that is an area Serge helps me out in.)

Shanda said...

Wendy I just got turned on to your blog by Melodie, who gave me Mendy's blog, which has a link to yours! How is that for kismet? It is like it was meant to be for me to read your blog. Now that I know where to find you, I will have to keep in touch better. Te pup! Shanda