Monday, May 5, 2008

Read This

First, hello to my new readers who have found me through the magic of the internet. It's good to hear from you!

Now, on to my subject for the day...

I've been thinking a lot about reading lately, because it's something that I really enjoy and don't get to do too much of. Some days I feel that I will burst if I don't get to fill my head with someone else's ideas and I scan my shelves for a book - any book- that I have read fewer than three times. You see, I'm a re-reader. I have read some books more than twenty times each. I use reading in much the same way I used to use music - to invoke a mood, a feeling, to bring me back to a good place. I'll read a favorite passage here, a funny scene there, and feel better about life. But, as much as I like re-reading, there are moments when I yearn for something not as familiar. Since I rarely peruse the library these days I'm stuck with my limited at-home library. The other day I picked up a book I haven't read for a couple years and read it over again. It was fantastic. I remember thinking it was good, but it was better than I remembered it.

It's a book my friend Mendy sent to me some years back. One year we exchanged books for our birthdays I think. (Side note: No one is to feel offended if they have never received a birthday book from me. I'm not proud of it, but I never remember birthdays now and haven't for quite some time. Mendy can attest to the fact that this book is the only birthday present she's ever gotten from me.) I sent her "At Home in Mitford", which is a fabulous curl-up-on-a-rainy-day-for-a-cozy-read book/series, and she sent me "A Woman Of Independent Means", which is a fabulous book. I highly recommend it for all who have not read it, especially Sara as it deals with some husband management issues and wifely concerns that I think are timely, even though it takes place two generations ago.

I'm currently reading a recommendation of Rachel's: L.M. Montgomery's "The Blue Castle". I just got it at the library today (being in Logan I can go places like that by myself. It's super). I can't imagine not having read it, since I thought I had covered all Lucy Maude's territory years ago. This book does seem vaguely familiar, but so far it's new enough to make me wonder if I've read it or not. Either way, it is great. I plan to read several of the books recommended from all of soon as I get the time!


Rachel said...

The Blue Castle is one of those books that I re-read every year, or just take off the shelf and do a "favorite parts" read. I hope you love it.

Mendy said...

Oh, Wend, it does my heart good to hear that you so loved "A Woman of Independent Means." I reread that last year and cried all over again with Bess and the roller coaster rides in her life. She's so real to me. I suggested it to my book club and they didn't like it. How is that possible? I love that book and am thrilled that you did, too!

Are you still going to be in Utah next week? I'll be there the 16-20th for the wedding of a girl I was the Laurel Adviser for (long story).

Mendy said...

Oh, and I have read every Mitford book and so has Michael's grandmother, thanks to you! They're just good, good books!

I love to re-read as well. I always think it a little odd when people don't re-read their favorites. How can they stand to never hear the voices in those books again?

Have you read "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn"--I really liked that.

Lara said...

I also am a re-reader...which is why I always buy my favorite books instead of checking them out. Besides, I want my kids to have access to great books at home too! I haven't read either of the books you recommended...I will have to get a hold of them!

themayerfamily said...

Thanks for the suggestion Wendy. I am a re-reader too. I just love the way they evoke emotion and take you into a different life and world. Frankly, I don't get to do it as often as I like these days. However, it is pretty much one of my favorite pass times!
PS--side note, I did speak to my hubby and it really went well. Perhaps I should email you--I think I shall(give me a day or two)