Thursday, August 21, 2008

Avoid Bears

So here is a little piece of my thoughts for the just goes to show on what level of stimulation my environment is that these are the thoughts going around and around in my head all day.

I checked out a DVD from the library for the kids. It's a Berenstain Bears DVD, containing 6 episodes of the PBS show. I actually think the show is kind of cute. I have no issues with the show itself. I have issues with the theme song. The first problem is that, as mentioned, the DVD contains 6 episodes, and the theme song plays before each one of them. Couldn't they have skipped this on five out of the six? I think so. Someone didn't agree with me though, so if you watch the whole DVD you get to hear the theme song 6 times. For a good theme song this might be somewhat enjoyable. With this theme song, it is not. It is a country style ditty sung by none other than LeAnne Womack. I'm wondering if she wrote it herself. For her sake I certainly hope she didn't. The tune is catchy, but the lyrics are just plain embarrassing. I actually cringe when I hear one particular portion which says (and I am not making this up) "They're kind of furry around the torso. They're just like people, only more so." What? What? Where to begin...obviously the thing that really baffles me is how a family of bears could be more like people than people. What does that mean? What did the writer think it meant? It baffles and annoys me. I am everlastingly grateful that 1)this is a DVD from the library, not one I purchased, and 2)DVD's are only checked out for only one week instead of two. I don't know how long it will take to undo the damage this song has already inflicted.

One funny note about these shows: CT asks to watch it every day. Yesterday we watched it in the morning. In the afternoon we are having a conversation about people's names (I'm always quizzing him about what his "long name" is - I want him to be prepared for school when the teacher takes role and calls out Christian Brock). CT says "Mom, in that bear show, there is a brother and a sister, but what are their names?" I tell him that those are their names: Brother and Sister. We go over this a couple of times before he is convinced that I am telling the truth and these bears basically have the dumbest names ever. The more I write about all of this, the less cute I'm thinking that show is after all.

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Laura said...

It took me a second for the sentence of that song to click in my head! Is it just a case of rhyming for the sake of rhyming even if it makes no sense at all? I think so!