Wednesday, August 27, 2008

That's One Way to Do It

Warning: The following post is another story about CT. If you're sick of these, feel free to check back in a few weeks for something new.

So, on Sunday Lily got pushed by a friend in nursery and was crying hysterically over it. I said to her "Well, did you tell Olivia that you don't like it when she pushed and you weren't going to play with her if she does that?". (As if a two year old would have the presence of mind to deliver a speech like that. But still, I"m hoping there is something to the whole repetition philosophy and maybe in a few more years she might apply it.) Of course she said "no". At which point CT put in his two cents. He said "Well, Lily, if someone is mean to me, then I am just mean to them. That's how I handle it".

Yes, the lesson of retribution is learned early around here. I don't know if it comes across when I write these little anecdotes, but CT has such a funny way of expressing himself. It just cracks me up. His turn of phrase seems very mature.

In case you're wondering, Lily says funny things too. I just seem to have a harder time remembering any right now. Poor girl. I'll have to start taking notes during the day.


Laura said...

I never get sick of hearing stories about funny things kids say! You know he gets that mature "turn of phrase" from you! Even when you just share a couple of sentences of what he says, I always think "that sounds just like his mother"!!

Liz W. said...

You tell CT that I "handle it" the same way!

themayerfamily said...

I don't get sick of them either. That's pretty mature. I lvoe hi, "that's how I handle it." Sounds like he's had some adult conversations in his life.