Friday, May 29, 2009

The Water Is Fine

Swimming season is here. That's a double edged sword for me. On the one hand, the kids love it. On the other hand, the kids love it. They want to go to the pool every day. When we are there CT never wants to leave. Lily is sometimes begging to go home part way into it. Amelia hasn't warmed up to the water yet and doesn't really participate in the swim portion of the outing. Though she does love changing into her swimming suit.

What I like about swimming season is:

1) Seeing my girls in their cute little swimming suits. CT looks cute in his too, but it makes me feel like he's about 14 to see him running around with his six pack on display. I haven't seen a lot of four year olds who look as cut as that kid.

2) Lily's hair turns back to blonde. I always think of her as blonde, but in the winter she really isn't. Still, we've been doing our pool thing for two days and the California girl is back. (This is very ironic, I know. I have always had a prejudice against blond girls and now I enjoy it when my daughter joins their ranks. I guess I'm just happy for her that she has the potential, with the sun's help, to join that privileged group).

3) The kids get tan. Very, very tan. With such a contrast to the non-exposed portions of their torsos. It amazes me.

4) They are actually close to swimming all alone, with no flotation device help. They are both great at swimming all over the place and jumping in by themselves with floaties on, but it won't be too many weeks more until they are floaty free I think. That alone will shrink the size of the pool bag by three-quarters.

One other plus is that a couple of days ago I was preparing for our first trip to the pool this year. I put my swimming suit on and CT said "Your swimming suit looks really great Mom. Actually, all of you looks great". I don't know where he could have learned such shameless flattery, but it certainly made me smile and was a good start to the swim season in my book!

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Gina said...

I think you need to posta pic of CT and his six pack.