Thursday, June 4, 2009

Frivolous Rant

Allow me to editorialize for a moment on an element of pop culture that is driving me crazy lately. Jon and Kate Plus Eight.

I have watched this show maybe ten times, so I feel qualified to comment on their personal lives.

We all know that they are "having marital difficulties". The thing that is really bugging me is the way Kate keeps saying, "Everything I do I do for my children. The books, the show, the traveling, it is all for them. To fulfill this need to provide for my children."

Okay. I can understand being stressed about having enough money to support eight children. The thing is, when she keeps talking about "providing" for the children, I keep asking myself "providing what?". That huge new farmhouse? Because I'm pretty sure the kids seemed just as happy in your old house. Providing a stay-at-home dad while you travel? Because I'm pretty sure this is making Jon bitter and unhappy. Providing a mom who is toned, tanned, coiffed, stylized, and bodygaurded? I doubt they'd miss it. Providing a horde of paparazzi following the children around because they are on this show? Call me crazy, but I think Kate's idea of what she needs to provide could stand a readjustment. Hey Kate - how about providing a happily married mom and dad? I'm pretty sure any child of divorced parents would tell you that would have been the greatest desire of their childhood - even more than the monthly trips to fabulous resorts and 12 volt cars to drive around their multiple acres. You should have some hefty savings by now. You could step out of the spotlight and try to be a family again. But you might have to give a lot things up. It makes me sad to see what people (not just Jon and Kate) are willing to toss aside and what they embrace in its place.


Rachel said...

Amen. Anytime I see them on a magazine cover or on the news I have to turn away because it makes me so sad for those kids.

And her hair kind of freaks me out.

Gina said...

I couldn't agree more with you. In fact, we were pretty loyal viewers, but not anymore. They're both off the mark and it kind of makes me sick and feel depressed when I hear about them. Thanks for ranting. :)