Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pledge or no Pledge?

When we bought our house we opted for the separate shower and tub in the master bath. It seemed fancier - more like the going trend in all the master baths you see on television. If I had to do it again I would quite possibly change my mind. Why? Well, one reason is that our shower stall is indeed separate. It is squeezed into it's own little drywalled box that is big enough to turn around in as long as your elbows are at your sides. The big reason though is that now I am faced with the additional housecleaning chore of dusting my bathtub. Yes, dusting it. We never use it - well, except to drip dry our swimming suits in. This leaves me the job of wiping it down every couple of weeks to remove the accumulation of dust on all it's many surfaces. I never have liked dusting. And dusting a bathtub feels like it should be unnecessary. I guess I need to invest in some Calgon to motivate me to use my bathtub. Although a bath loses most of it's allure when it takes place with three little children standing by the side of the tub, wanting to put their hands and arms in the water. I can't lock them out to enjoy a bath either, I'd just be imagining what they were doing out there. Like during my shower on Tuesday, when Lily cut off the hair above both ears into half inch long feathered glory, leaving her with a mullet even Billy Ray Cyrus would certainly have envied. I guess I'm stuck with dusting.


Rachel said...

I always say the a large bathtub would be the height of luxury for me. But in reality I probably would rarely use it because I don't acutally like to wash in the tub.

And can we please see some pictures of Lily's new do?

Gina said...

Ditto Rachel's request. Also, thanks for the tip. Chris thinks it would be nice to have something separate, but I'm wondering about the usage.

Laura said...

I agree - in my house in TX, I was so thrilled to have the big garden tub with the jets. I think I used it 3 or 4 times in 2 1/2 years and found myself dusting it often. If you're a bath person, then I think it's a good idea, but otherwise, not so much.

And PLEASE let us see pictures of Lily! When my mom was little, she had these beautiful long blonde curls. Until, on the day a family picture was scheduled, her brother decided to cut them all off! In his defense, their grandfather, who lived with them, was a barber and my Uncle Paul was just trying to follow in his footsteps!!