Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Post

I have an ambivalent relationship with my blog. I think of many things I could post, but never do. I'm always thinking, "Why bother? No one reads my blog anyway." And then I think "What if people really do read my blog? Would I really want them to know my true feelings about some serious stuff?". After several more rounds of this type of self-questioning I generally just give up and opt not to post at all. And then I feel bad, because I always expect other people to post. I am disappointed when my friends blogs stay unchanged for long periods of time. I want to know what is going on in their lives, what they are thinking and doing. I want to feel like I have friends. But I realize I don't keep up my side of the bargain very well. I'm not a faithful blogger.

So, in the spirit of reciprocal blogging, here you go:

Today is Sunday. My view is that Sundays and kids just aren't a great combination. I didn't enjoy Sundays very much as a child myself. I would always feel annoyed that my parents spent so much time reading the paper and was even more annoyed on those very rare occasions when they attempted to take a nap.

When I was a college student and a young single adult I came to really enjoy Sundays and find real renewal in them. Since having children - I've got to be honest - I find no sense of renewal in Sundays. It's hard to feel like you've had a day of rest, in any interpretation of the phrase, when you still have to do most of the things you do every other day. The kids are always a complete disaster after we get home from church. I can't understand why. Three hours in a church building emotionally drains them to the point of tears every Sunday evening?

I keep thinking perhaps our late church schedule can be blamed (we start at 1:30) but at the same time I'm not sure I'm looking forward to January when we start at 8:30 am. Being home at 11:30 and having the whole rest of the day to spend with the kids in Sunday appropriate activities sounds...challenging. I guess it's my own fault. I'm the one who made all of the "no playing outside, no watching TV unless it's a church DVD (of which we have a grand total of three), no changing out of Sunday clothes" rules. Honestly, I like all of those rules, for myself and my kids. It just means I have to be ready with lots of alternatives so we don't all go crazy every Sunday.

Well - now you see why I talk myself out of blogging. Here I've just written out something that is meaningful to me, but probably extremely boring to anyone else. But, maybe if I blog more not all of my posts will be boring...we'll see.


Lara said...

1. I read your blog.

2. We have a Sunday box. I tried to fill it with Sunday appropriate games and activities and then I hide it the rest of the week. It kind of makes Sunday special, especially if I remember to add new things here and there so they don't get sick of it. We only have about 4 Sunday movies to watch, too, one of which is Mr. Kreuger's Christmas and they like to watch it all year round. :)

Rachel said...

I tried to remember what we did on Sundays when I was a kid and then I realized that when I was little we did't have the 3 hour block and then I realized that I'm an old woman.

I love your blog and think that everything you post is insightful and interesting.

Amanda said...

I read too! I'm always happy when you post, but I'm a lazy commenter. I am also a lazy blogger. Sorry that I don't update often enough. I feel like most of the post ideas start with 'today, Nathan...blah, blah, blah.' I'm not sure that anyone cares, but I should do better.
In fact, right now, I'm going to post about my Sunday.

Mom said...

I read your blog and enjoy your insights into life. Keep it up.
Ginger Knecht