Friday, December 11, 2009


I am giving myself an early Christmas gift. I am giving myself permission to feel whatever comes and then LET IT GO.

That may involve writing about it. Between this blog and my journal I have saved hundreds of dollars in counseling fees.

So, what I'm saying is, I may write about things that are making me sad or mad at that moment, but I'm writing it to let it out - to not have to hold on to it anymore. That includes my recent feeling of thinking that no one is my friend. I'm letting that go. It is a very real feeling, but it does me no good to hold on to it. So I've decided to assume that everyone is really my friend and would talk to me if they knew how and just move on. The end.


Gina said...

Way to give yourself a gift. Love it! You are wonderful. I just might send you a copy of White Christmas for another gift. you still have my copy? ha, ha..

Amanda said...

Love you Wendy!

McClellan's said...

Love you so much Wendy. You are truly a great friend to me and someone I have always looked up to! You are a great example!