Wednesday, December 29, 2010

So Long, Christmas

I took down our Christmas decorations today.  Does that seem early?  Tyler thinks it's early.  I don't know.  I just got to the point where I could hardly stand it.  I mean, Christmas was over DAYS ago.  Normally I think I do wait until New Year's Day to dismantle it all.  I just couldn't wait that long this year.  I get very excited to put all of those things up at the beginning of the Christmas season and then this year I got very anxious about getting it all put away when the holiday was over.   I think I'm just trying to push time along...when you're waiting for a baby the passage of time is always a big deal.  I think I've been thinking in my head that once Christmas is over the due date will be in the foreseeable future, so I'm making Christmas be over. 

C.T. said he thinks the house seems strange without the Christmas things.  It does have a bit of a bareness compared to the Christmas finery, but it is nice to have change.  I like the idea of starting off the New Year without the project of taking down Christmas decorations ahead of me.  We'll see what other projects I can cross off of my end of year list before Saturday rolls around...

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Laura said...

It's so funny you mention that. I was about to take my Christmas stuff down earlier this week, but it did seem too early. But I was so anxious to put it all away, clean up, and have things looking tidy again. I do plan on doing it all first thing tomorrow though.