Thursday, June 9, 2011


Things I Love About Summer:
1) No morning rush to get kids to school. 
2) No nighttime rush to get kids to bed.
3) Little tan bodies with bright white behinds.
4) Popsicles for dessert.
5) 98 cent strawberries.
6) Our annual family reunion.
7) Hearing the kids shout "Cannonball!" each time they jump in the pool.

Things I Loathe About Summer:
1) The heat.
2) The humidity.
3) Girls sweaty, straggly hair minutes after you finish putting in the pigtails and cute bows in the first place.
4) The electricity bill.
5) Dealing with wet swimming suits and towels all the time.
6) The heat.
7) The humidity.


Laura said...

I'm so glad I don't live in that humidity anymore! I was in Houston a couple of weeks ago for work and I was drenched the second I walked off the plane! So gross! I feel for you! The popsicles and the strawberries sound excellent though!!

Katie said...

If you hate the humidity you could always move back to CA! We'd welcome you with open arms.

Amanda said...

Love this!!