Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Those Days

Does anyone else with little children ever have one of those days?  Those days when you really want to walk into your kitchen, grab all of the fruit snacks and cracker packets and dump them on the table, walk to the freezer and snip open all of the Otter Pops, turn the television on to PBS kids, and go back to bed for the day and let the kids live it up?  I was feeling a bit like that this morning.  But, I overcame it to an extent and made the little ones blueberry pancakes and made all the beds and made sure they all got dressed and gathered some laundry and fed the baby a couple of times in there, and then I did lay down with my little bundle and take a nap.  I LOVE taking naps with babies.  Of course that "nap" was interrupted for several reasons including CT needing to know how to make the sound come out of the computer since Dad hooked it up to speakers, Lily wanting me to take the plastic wrappings off of  the "Princess and the Frog" DVD that Tyler's mom sent her the other day, and Amelia wanting to know if I had washed her favorite blanket yet, since it got a little damp in the night.  I'm sure you can figure out how.  I finally fully committed to my day and spent some time on the treadmill and told the kids we were heading out to the swimming pool after lunch.  I'm sure the kids will have more fun doing that that than they would just watching PBS kids all day with unlimited snacks...or maybe not.  But I'll feel better about myself anyway. 


Stacy said...

AMEN!! I have "those days" all the time, but mine usually end with Dr. Pepper and fast food. I can't even fathom walking on the treadmill on one of "those days". Way to go! You're my hero!

Amanda said...

I'm with Stacy and think you are amazing for exercising on a one of those days. You are also good that on those days, you think to put on PBS. If I'm in one of those moods I don't care if there is anything educational on, I'm just interested in how many minutes it lasts. Luckily for Nathan, Sesame Street is 52 minutes on Netflix.

Chris and Gina said...

I miss you! Glad you're enjoying the pool!