Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Extra Credit

We went to Open House at the local elementary school the other night.  It was all very nice and the kids are doing good work, etc.   One conversation from the evening stood out to me especially.  We were talking to Lily's teacher, who always has great things to say about Lily.  Ms. X says to us "Lily remembers every story I tell!  She is just like a little Ms. X!  I bet she wants to be a teacher when she grows up just like Ms. X!  She always follows all directions and is so creative in her writing, and she is so thoughtful.  She is just a little Ms. X! She probably uses the same phrases I do when she's at home. She is just my mini-me! "

While happy to hear so many good things from her teacher I was a little, shall we say, miffed, that Ms. X would presume to think that all of Lily's good qualities:  her sweetness and work ethic and study skills and creativity, are the result of a 7 month acquaintance with a teacher.  I'm sure her natural inherited tendencies from her family, not to mention her home environment and the influence of her mother and father had nothing to do with the person Lily is. 

I am very grateful that Lily has a teacher who enjoys her, and is an enthusiastic and effective teacher.   I just wish she took a little less credit for my girl and her abilities.

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Laura said...

Well, I give ALL the credit to you! Especially if Lily reads aloud as perfectly as you do!!