Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Happy Accidents

I was getting ready to go to a school function with the family the other night.  I assessed the state of the shirt I was wearing, trying to decide if some dark splotches on it were water and would dry before I made it to the show, or if it was something more sinister and oil based and was there for the long haul.  During this appraisal I made the happy discovery that my shirt was, in fact, on backwards.  I had been wearing it backwards all day.  This knowledge allowed me to quickly turn it around so it was now on properly, add a light cardigan to cover the unsightly spots that were now on the back, and be on my way.

(Turning is around was easier than just changing to a new shirt for tow, no doubt obvious, reasons:  1) One less shirt to wash on laundry day and 2) I didn't have to take the shirt over my head, so no re-do of the flyaway hairs necessary.)


Gina said...

Oh my funny. I assess quite often and usually reside to just holding Levi in an effort to cover it all up. Good grief. :)

Laura said...

You know the most awesome way to get greasy spots out of clothes, right? Generously sprinkle corn starch over the spotted area. Let sit for a day or so. Shake off excess corn starch and then spray area with spray 'n' wash or shout or whatever. Then wash. Don't put it in the dryer though. Let it air dry and see if the spots are gone. If not, repeat the process. If they're still there after the 2ndtime's probably a lost cause. 90% of the time it works perfectly after 1 round. I have saved many things with this. Works awesome!!