Friday, March 3, 2017

Forensic Files and You - A Guide

Like what I can only assume is a whole lot of people, I am fascinated by True Crime.  I've read some Anne Rule (plus many other True Crime writers), watched lots of documentaries about historical crimes, and in the last few years I have watched many, many episodes of "Forensic Files".  Thank you, Netflix, for your "Forensic Files Collection". 

If you have not watched Forensic Files to the extent that I have, but are considering investing time in such an endeavor, let me prepare for some of the fall-out.

First of all, you will never want to be in a Wal-Mart parking lot after dark again in your life.  This may already be a given without even having watched Forensic Files, but it will become even more important to you after.

Next, you may find the voice of narrator Peter Thomas running through your head as you think about your day.  Sometimes I will be thinking of doing something and hear Peter's voice in my head saying something like, "It started out as an ordinary day for 43 year old Wendy Brock, taking the kids to school, running errands.  Little did she know that this day was going to be anything but ordinary...and also be her last."  Sinister I know, but I'm trying to be honest with you here.  This is what watching a lot of Forensic Files does to my internal monologue.

Finally, you may find yourself wondering what kind of crimes are happening everyday that you just don't hear about and no one is ever held accountable for.  It is really startling to hear some of these stories that are crazy and horrible and TRUE and you have never heard about them before.  It didn't make the news.  What is happening in the world?!?  These things happen to people with enough frequency to have a show with hundreds of different episodes, and this is the first we're hearing of almost all of them.  That seems really crazy to me, and also very worrying. 

And yet, I still watch.  That is the most perplexing part of it all. 

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