Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Time Flies

I am not a conscientious blogger. That, I'm sure, is abundantly clear to all of you. I honestly can't imagine that anyone really cares...but then I get so much pleasure from reading your blogs that I have to assume some of you would actually like it if I wrote more often.

You may know that I spent nearly the entire month of May in Logan at my parents house with the kids while Tyler was off in India training the people who are taking over the jobs of all the people who recently got laid off at Citigroup.

It was a good visit. The kids were spoiled, obviously. Now that we are back people keep saying things like, "You guys were gone for a long time. Aren't you glad to be back?". People seem a little taken aback when I reply "No, not really". I don't understand their surprise. I mean, sure, I like it much more when our whole family is together and Tyler comes home at night, but now that we're back he's still traveling for work. He's in Baltimore this week and next, so basically I'm just on my own here. It was great having two full time nannies at my disposal. I also feel like it's really important for my children to develop meaningful relationships with other people - for them to know that there is a wide circle of people to love and from whom to receive love. C.T. is at an age when his memories may actually remain with him for life, so I am happy that he's had this experience with his grandparents to hopefully remember.

I made a slideshow for Tyler that I e-mailed him while we were in Utah of things the kids were up to. I'll have to e-mail it out because I can't figure out how to get it to link on this post. Then you can all say how big the kids are getting. It's true. I know it won't happen for 8 more months, but just the thought that C.T. will be FOUR on his next birthday seems absolutely crazy to me.


Rachel said...

I raised my hand when you wrote that maybe there are people who want you to write more often.

Amanda said...

I agree with Rachel. I however don't have any room to talk. I would however love to get that slideshow of the kids. We need to do some ooohhhing and aaaahhhing.

themayerfamily said...

I third the motion. I love to read your more of what's going on in your life--not just your kids. I don't even want to think about how fast kids grow up. I am secretly a little glad that Landon is little a little longer(too many littles). I definately want to see the slide show. I can't figure out how to do it on the blog either. Help anyone?

Gina said...

I'll give the witness that C.T. is a real boy, and not just a baby or toddler. I'll also witness that the kids are so cute!!!

I'm sad that you're gone and back in TX as well. It was so fun visiting with you. :)

Laura said...

Ditto! More posts please!!

And can I just say that I'm DYING to hear you read something out loud? That was one of the only things that made Sunday School bareable back in the day...that I'd get to hear Wendy read!