Monday, November 16, 2009

100 Days

I logged on today and saw that my baby counter was on 100 days. Yay! I had planned to wait until the count was down to 100 days before putting up my little widget, so I wouldn't feel like time was a slow creeper each time I saw it. I can live with 100 days and less. Not that I'm feeling unwell or anything. Most of the time I forget I'm even pregnant. Until I find myself thinking "Why I am so tired? What is wrong with me?" and then I remember. Or when the baby kicks, and I think "What in the world is going on in there? That's not normal." And then I remember there's a baby in there, which isn't normal, but yet is, at the same time.

Still no names for the baby, so don't bother asking. I keep suggesting all the same names I offered up when we were expecting Amelia and surprisingly Tyler keeps not liking them just like last time. Here's a sample of one of our baby name conversations:
W: What do you think of Eve? Did I ask that last time?
T: Yes you did. I still don't think so.
W: Okay. What about Betsy? I know you didn't like it before, but Betsy Brock sounds SO adorable. Surely you like it now, right?
T: No way.
W: Well, do you have any ideas?
T: No, not really.

There you go. We're pretty much at a dead end. The thing that is difficult is that he won't even suggest any more choices of his own. And that I keep suggesting all the same ones. That doesn't help either. So, we'll see. Maybe we'll agree on something, or maybe it will be one of those situations where we say, "okay, you pick this one all by yourself and I'll go along with it.". Probably not. I don't think either one of us are that accommodating. I promise we're not holding out on divulging a name just to be secretive. We really don't know yet. So, it will be a great surprise to us all! Maybe we should let the kids pick. I'll ask them right now what they think.

Here's how the conversation went:
Me: What do you think a good name for the new baby would be?
Lily: I like "Princess".
CT: That's not even a name. You can name them Cinderella or Belle or something. Or you could name her Crocodile!
Lily: That's a boy's name!
CT: Well, it's not taken yet.

So, no help there. It's good entertainment though.


Rachel said...

Genius idea asking the kids.

Croc Brock is kind of awesome.

Katie said...

Everytime I read a post I wish I lived closer to you. I can't believe you're less than 100 days away. How exciting!
I think you should go all new age and combine your names (although people actually have been doing that for years. Maybe Tydee?

Wendy said...

Tydee sounds like a good name for a new brand of toilet paper. But it is more feminine than Wendler.